Vail Resorts

Picture it: Thousands of acres of skiable terrain from cliffs to groomers and everything imaginable in between. Vail Mountain is synonymous with Vail Ski Resorts: It’s the largest ski area in the United States. How perfect can a day on the mountain be? Well, let’s picture it: bright blue skies reflecting off the glistening white powder and peaks as far as the eye can see. This isn’t the icy mountains found elsewhere, this is Vail Resorts, and it’s as close to heaven on earth that a ski bum (or ski-bum wannabe) can find.

Another fun way to spend the day, after finding powder stashes all over Vail Mountain, of course, is to find your favorite on-mountain place to dine. There’s the refined Vail Resorts’ The Tenth at the top of Gondola One. Speaking of which, Gondola One is cozy and has WiFi if you can’t bear to be disconnected along with tableside service and a splendid wine list.

Other Vail Ski Resorts eateries dot the mountain including Buffalo’s at the top of Chairs 4, 5 and 11 or Two Elk on the far edge of the mountain. It’s worth the trek to experience, and see, the mountains in all their glory.

Vail Resorts: Like Nowhere Else

If you’re not feeling it for skiing, not a problem. There is so much to do on Vail Mountain that you can find something for every mood and every family member. Check out Vail  Resorts’ Adventure Ridge where you can fly down the hill on a tube. Ski biking is an hysterical sport of sorts to try, or just tromp around checking out the scenery. The yurt on top of the Eagle Bahn Gondola is filled with sights and sounds of nature. Kids can chat with a naturalist from Walking Mountains Science Center and learn all about the flora and fauna natural to this environment.

Take a break by the firepit and sip a hot cocoa while you watch the newbies figure out how to link a few turns on their snowboard. It just doesn’t get any better than this! (Hey! We appreciate you newbies! We were once that way ourselves!)

Town of Vail

241 S. Frontage Road, Suite 8150, Vail
(970) 477-3522

Vail is a truly special place, full of magic and wonder. Of course, there's the obvious: 5,289 acres of skiing on Vail Mountain plus plenty of room to roam on foot or bike with 1,100 acres of open space within the town's boundaries and 350,000 acres of national forest land beyond that. There are art galleries, ski shops and fashion boutiques, coffee shops, pubs and... read more

Vail is a truly special place, full of magic and wonder. Of course, there's the... read more