Vail Shopping Sales & Events

There are some opportunities to discover a Vail shopping sale and save money while you’re visiting, particularly based on the time of year you’re here. You can be sure that locals are well aware of how to take advantage of sales events at their local favorite Vail shop throughout the year. And a great money-saving tip is to visit the Vail Valley during off season, which is becoming shorter every year. Spring and fall can be quiet times in Vail, which means fewer tourists are here but also that fewer places are open. But, for those shops that are open, they want to pull as many people in as they can, and a tried and true method is through an enticing Vail shopping sale. Hmmm, maybe this will encourage you to either visit in the shoulder seasons or to come back for another round!

Of course, holiday sales are as popular in Vail shops as they are anywhere else. And, with the fun of holidays, the sales are often paired with special events such as a visit with Santa or specialty items to complement a St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Vail Shopping Sales

The boutiques scattered throughout Vail often have sweet deals available. Keep an eye on the offerings that are posted on this site because they change frequently and you just never know what you need (or want!) until you see it. At the end of the season and all summer long, you can swoop in and save some serious cash on gear for next season. Conversely, as the cold settles in, you can bet that warm-weather hiking gear might be deeply discounted. So, stay alert for all the Vail shopping sales and save yourself some dough.