Vail Nightlife

Vail can be happening at night – and well into the night – so get ready for some revelry and join in Vail’s nightlife! It probably depends on your age, whether you’re young or young at heart, there is plenty to do once the sun goes down. Of course, you’re on vacation so the night can always start a little early on a large sunny deck as the sun slowly sets; and go late into the night. (Remember, you don’t have to get up for an early morning meeting, bring on the Vail nightlife!)

Vail nightlife takes several forms. If you’re looking for a little culture, a touch of the chi-chi, make sure to get to the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater for the Vail International Dance Festival or Bravo! Vail concerts. Sit in the seats or set up a picnic on the lawn – no matter where you sit you will be stunned by the beauty of the golden light from the setting sun as the dancers and musicians tackle incredible feats of grace. Sip some bubbly, watch the stars come up and get ready to continue the night in Vail Village.

Vail Nightlife: So Many Options

Once the culture concludes, stroll down the moon-lit path into Vail Village for live music, dancing, DJs and, as the night gets later, general mayhem. Live music is always fun and Vail has quite the range from the infamous yodeling Helmut Fricker to acoustic music, jazz favorites to hippy, funky soul music. Isn’t it fun to have such a variety of options for Vail nightlife?!

If you want to be among some of the coolest skiers in town, make sure to stop by Vendetta’s – pizza, beer and where the ski patrollers hang out. Vail nightlife is like no where else on earth!

A few things to remember before you sip or slurp – drink lots of water. The air is thinner up here, and let’s just say that the spirits hit you faster. (We've heard this explained as, "I don't know what happened! I must have been over-served! No, it's the thin air.) Dehydration is ugly and you don’t want to miss any vacation, or nightlife, fun. The drinking age is 21 and the bars will card everyone.

Remember, the free town bus runs till 2 a.m., and if you’ve imbibed a bit too much, take the bus. Or leave your car in the parking structure and find a cab. Safety first!

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E.g., 03/31/2020

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