Things To Do in Vail Valley — Attractions

What isn’t an attraction here in the Vail Valley? If there is something that piques your interest, odds are, it’s right here in the Vail Valley. Did you know there is a dormant volcano in Dotsero and a state park complete with pristine lake, camping facilities and numerous hiking trails in Eagle?

The Walking Mountains Science Center provides instruction, education and hands-on learning year round. It’s a special building right in Avon. For another type of hands-on learning, visit Vail’s Imagination Station or the Beaver Creek Children’s Museum. Kids will have hours of fun while learning and building skills. Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Mountain are stunning backdrops to all of our activities. Beyond the mountains, though, check out the Gerald R. Ford Amphitheater in Vail for concerts, events and dances all summer long. Adjacent is the Betty Ford Alpine Garden and the accompanying Ford Park where kids can climb, run, hide and play for hours. Add in trampolines, rock walls, ziplines and the alpine coaster, and the list of Vail Valley attractions is long and quite, well, attractive! The true questions are, what do you want to do, where do you want to do it and just how much time do you have?

Attractions Throughout the Vail Valley

We like to think that our Vail Valley attractions are the most beautiful in the country. We love our outdoor time, the wilderness and nature in general. Take a hike to a waterfall, pristine mountain lake or to watch the roaring Eagle River in Edwards. Another Vail Valley attraction is the Children’s Fountain in Vail where children’s revelry is expected. Ride the gondola up the mountain, or hike up and ride down. The views of the Mount of the Holy Cross, New York Mountain and Gore Range will take your breath away, and you’ll stand in wonder at the majesty of Mother Nature while appreciating these peaks.

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