Vail Valley Ski Resorts

Vail Valley ski resorts are world famous and for good reason. Vail and Beaver Creek, part of Vail Resorts, are mammoth mountains that are covered in the whitest, fluffiest powder you ever will see or feel. These ski resorts are definitely top notch and the grooming, the terrain and the prices reflect just that.

Vail Mountain has almost 6,000 skiable acres and something for everyone. Do you like frontside (front-of-the-mountain) groomed ski runs? Check. How about runs that are filled with moguls? The Vail Valley ski resorts have you covered there too. Back bowls that take a bit of effort to get to but are totally worth the effort? Of course! The mountain has two gondolas as well as chairlifts to get skiers and snowboarders to the top.

Beaver Creek is yet another lovely playground for powderhounds. On top of the mountain, you can see for miles. If the terrain doesn’t take your breath away, the views will.

Vail Valley ski resorts know the best way to keep skiing is to take a few breaks. As a result, the dining options, otherwise known as refueling stations, abound. Enjoy burgers or baked potatoes, fries or a much more elevated dining experience at one of the fancier on-mountain restaurants.

Instruction and Fun at Vail Valley Ski Resorts

You have probably heard all the rumors about Vail and Beaver Creek: The mountains are fun, the skiing is spectacular and the sun shines down. It’s all true. Vail Valley ski resorts encompass miles of skiing and numerous options to learn to ski even better. Take a lesson or sign up for a clinic. Don’t be intimidated because the instructors have a passion for the job, and the Vail Valley ski resorts offer some of the best instruction in the world.

Vail Valley ski resorts are fun. Beyond the normal skiing opportunities, the mountains have special ski days and programs for kids and families, including a glow-stick ski down the mountain throughout the winter. And, guess what? At the end of each day, Beaver Creek gives away warm, home-baked chocolate chip cookies. The days just keep getting better, don't they!

Beaver Creek Village Experience

Vail Valley Ski Resort

On any given day in Beaver Creek Village there are dozens of ways to fill your day. And, often, even when you decide which category of activity you're in for – whether it's an outdoor adventure, shopping and strolling through art galleries or relaxing at a spa – deciding where exactly to go and what to see can feel overwhelming, especially when you're trying to make the... read more

On any given day in Beaver Creek Village there are dozens of ways to fill... read more

Town of Vail

Vail Valley Ski Resort
241 S. Frontage Road, Suite 8150, Vail
(970) 477-3522

Vail is a truly special place, full of magic and wonder. Of course, there's the obvious: 5,289 acres of skiing on Vail Mountain plus plenty of room to roam on foot or bike with 1,100 acres of open space within the town's boundaries and 350,000 acres of national forest land beyond that. There are art galleries, ski shops and fashion boutiques, coffee shops, pubs and... read more

Vail is a truly special place, full of magic and wonder. Of course, there's the... read more