Down Valley Real Estate

Including Eagle, Gypsum and Wolcott

Homes and properties that are listed in Eagle, CO, real estate, in Gypsum, CO, real estate and in Wolcott, CO, real estate can all be considered to be a part of the larger Down Valley real estate market. This is the area of Vail Valley where people do most of the working and paying and living in this community. It's where you'll find locals living the kind of high country lifestyle that exists throughout the Rockies in towns that manage to maintain just a bit of distance from ski resort development. And this is where you'll find Down Valley real estate listings (that's what you'll want to say instead of Eagle, Co, real estate and Gypsum, CO, real estate and Wolcott, CO, real estate if you want to sound like a local) with a higher proportion of land and single-family homes on the market, compared to condos and townhomes, than in other areas of the Vail Valley. Real estate still isn't cheap Down Valley. The median listing price balances out at a bit higher than $500,000. But you do get a little more for your money, with a per-square-foot price of between $200 and $250, which is much closer to the national average than you'll find in the communities closer to the slopes.

Schools in the Down Valley Real Estate area

It's been noted that the Down Valley real estate market, including Eagle, CO, real estate, Gypsum, CO, real estate and Wolcott, CO, real estate, makes up a large part of the residential region of the area. Eagle is, in fact, the county seat, and the Eagle County School District oversees the public schools here. About half of the district's elementary schools are Down Valley and feed into an array of middle, high and alternative schools here.