Beaver Creek Real Estate

This is a small, mountain area that was thrust into the spotlight when the world discovered the skiing opportunities that could be found and developed here, so you'll find the Beaver Creek real estate market to be one of contradictions, much like the community itself. This is a place that values outdoor recreation above all else. Above all else, that is, except perhaps luxury living. In the same way that Beaver Creek epitomizes both roughing it and being pampered at the same time, the real estate listings run the gamut from cozy little condos in the storybook town center to Rocky Mountain chalets with price tags that climb up into the area of eight figures. One thing that remains constant is that no matter what property you might choose from among the Beaver Creek real estate listings, you'll be just a stone's throw from world-class outdoor fun, regardless of the time of year. The snow sports are practically a given, but you'll also find hiking and biking in the warmer months as well as shopping and ice-skating all year long. Indoors, check out a luxury spa or high-end restaurant. It's all right next door no matter what sort of Beaver Creek home you might purchase.

Schools in the Beaver Creek Real Estate Area

What we consider to be Beaver Creek is more along the lines of ski resort than it is residential town, so you won't find a large number of families with children living in the Beaver Creek real estate area. Students who do reside here are within the Eagle County School District and are served by an elementary school in nearby Avon that feeds into the district's middle and high school population as well as a number of charter and alternative schools.