Avon, Colorado, Real Estate

Including EagleVail, Colorado

Realtors always have to stay on their toes because their industry has so many regulations while at the same time being fluid and free form. For example, when discussing Avon, Colorado, real estate, it is practically impossible not to include the state of EagleVail, Colorado, real estate as well. The Beaver Creek condo listings also are often lumped in with this grouping. Avon itself is one of the larger communities in the Vail Valley and serves as a hub of culture and activity. As per the norm in an area known for skiing and ski resorts, the real estate market in Vail Valley is largely made up of condo and townhome listings. The Avon, Colorado, real estate listings represent the higher end of the condo/townhome segment. This trend is also reflected in the single-family home portion of the industry. It is not uncommon to find several homes on the market in Avon, Colorado, real estate listings or the EagleVail, Colorado, real estate listings that are being offered for seven, eight or nine million dollars, and price tags of more than $10 million are not impossible. It isn't just the access to world-class outdoor recreation in both summer and winter that commands these housing prices. The town itself offers great dining, shopping, arts and culture and more for both residents and tourists.

Schools and the Avon, Colorado, Real Estate Market

As a part of the Eagle County School District, residents in the Avon, Colorado, real estate area (and by extension, the EagleVail, Colorado, real estate area) are served by local public schools, including the Avon Elementary School. The district also includes middle schools, high schools, an online school and other alternative educational opportunities including a charter elementary/middle school and the Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy. 

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