Vail Valley Real Estate

Vail Valley real estate is a hot-ticket item, and why wouldn't it be? The area is a mecca for those who enjoy outdoor sports and recreation and doubly so for snow sports enthusiasts. Just imagine stepping out your front door and being minutes away from some of the world's most highly regarded opportunities for skiing, boarding, tubing, snow shoeing and more. If fun in the snow isn't exactly your cup of tea, don't forget about the hiking, biking, fishing, golf and other adventure sports. Who wouldn't want to own a piece of this paradise? Of course, with such high demand for lodging, the costs rise as well. The Vail Valley real estate market doesn't just follow the model of high-priced housing that we see in the Western ski-resort communities. Instead, the Vail area practically is the model, presenting us with a situation in which the cost of lodging can be daunting to affluent visitors and tourists, to say nothing of the local residents who work and live on a much more modest income. But the appeal of the region is such that people come from all over to make a home (or second home) here, making sacrifices and doing what they have to to share in the high country Rocky Mountain lifestyle.

Vail Valley Real Estate Prestige

There are other areas of the West that have great mountains and wonderful ski resorts. But Vail Valley real estate prices are impacted by the fame and cachet that is attached to the Vail name. Other ski communities may boast listings priced at seven figures, but here you'll find a number of homes on the market for prices that run up to $10 million dollars and beyond.

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