Minturn Shopping

It’s true: Most people come to the Vail Valley to take advantage of the unparalleled year-round opportunities for outdoor recreation. But here’s a little secret that becomes clear once you’ve spent some time in the area: The shopping isn’t bad either. In fact, the Vail Valley is home to an enormous array of shopping options, and Minturn shopping boasts some of the most original stores around. The town has long established its reputation as a destination for independently owned shops and boutiques. Funky, quirky and wholly original: That’s the type of product you’ll find when you go shopping in Minturn.

What you won’t find is a huge number of Minturn stores. But what the town lacks in sheer quantity of shopping options, it makes up for with personality and personal service. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself being helped by the owner of whatever store you happen to wander into. No matter who you talk to in a Minturn shop, you’re all but guaranteed friendly interactions and a wealth of knowledge about the store’s offerings.

Exploring Minturn Shops

Speaking of wandering: It’s really the best way to encounter all that Minturn’s shopping options have to offer. Most of the town’s stores are grouped along a few short blocks of Main Street, which makes it easy to sample the majority of the town’s wares in a single day. Whether you’re in the mood for hunting for new home goods, flipping through comic books or old records, browsing racks of upscale consignment clothing, picking out some new fly fishing or cycling gear or searching for gifts for a friend or family member, Minturn’s shops will most certainly deliver.

Vail Mountain Coffee & Tea Co. Roastery Cafe

Minturn Shopping
23698 U.S. Highway 24, Minturn
(970) 827-4008

Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Co. is the primary coffee and tea provider for a variety of coffee houses, restaurants and resorts in the Vail area as well as throughout Colorado and neighboring states. They import 46 coffees and 60 teas from around the world with a commitment to micro-estate, single origin, sustainably farmed products. They freshly roast their coffees locally with expertise about the more

Vail Mountain Coffee and Tea Co. is the primary coffee and tea provider for more