Minturn, CO

Minturn, CO, is a town of betweens. It sits between the world-renowned resort communities of Vail and Beaver Creek. And it’s nestled along the Eagle River between the White River National Forest and the Holy Cross Wilderness, both of which pay tribute to the beauty of the Rocky Mountains and offer boundless opportunities for playing in the great outdoors.

Even as it bridges multiple locales, Minturn, CO, has carved out its own distinct identity – no small feat when you consider the national reputation of nearby Vail and Beaver Creek! It differs from other towns in the Vail Valley thanks to an embracing of all things quirky. Bright colors, funky shops, independently owned restaurants and a laid-back vibe pervade the downtown of Minturn, Colorado.

Minturn’s quirky reputation is nothing new. Developed as a railroad town in the late 1800s, the town was known even then for its funky vibe. Minturn served as an important point along the Rio Grande railroad line, which stretched across the state of Colorado. The town attracted railroad workers from around the country who settled in Minturn and helped shape the town’s character and the interesting architecture still present today. In 1904 the Town of Minturn was officially incorporated, and Minturn laid claim to its status as one of the oldest towns in Eagle County.

Life in Minturn, CO

Despite its small size, Minturn, Colorado, is home to more year-round residents than its resort neighbors, which gives it more of a residential feel. A town calendar packed with a wide array of community events adds to the sense that for travelers, transplants and natives alike, Minturn is a place that quickly feels like home.

One of the most popular things to do in Minturn is the Minturn Market, which sets up in a large parking lot off Main Street every Saturday throughout the summer. Other popular Minturn summer activities include hiking or biking in the White River National Forest and Holy Cross Wilderness, playing in one of the town’s parks, fly fishing in the Eagle River, taking the whole family to the drive-in movie theater, dining out in Minturn’s restaurants, practicing self-care at Yoga in the Park, enjoying the town’s summer concert series or shopping in downtown Minturn’s quirky shops and boutiques.

When it comes to winter activities Minturn, CO, is all about playing in the snow. Snowshoeing and cross-country skiing in the White River National Forest, the Holy Cross Wilderness and Minturn’s Maloit Park are some of the most popular activities. Many folks also choose to drive 10 minutes to nearby ski resorts Vail and Beaver Creek. All told, Minturn offers fun activities for adventurous travelers of all stripes.

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