Vail Stables

915 Spraddle Creek Road, Vail
(855) 743-8324

A day spent at Vail Stables' ranch, located just northwest of Vail Village, can help you relax, connect with nature and remind you not to take yourself too seriously. That last part comes from a session of goat yoga, which is exactly what it sounds like: yoga, with goats. During goat yoga, participants practice standard yoga poses while several small goats wander around and in between practitioners' limbs. Ever tried a plank pose with a goat standing on your back? This is your chance. The goats themselves seem to get a kick out of the whole ordeal and their sense of humor is contagious; by the end of class everyone is relaxed and laughing. Want the goats without the yoga? You can always sign up for a goat and wine session instead. While the goats work hard to steal the show, Vail Stables' main attraction is their horseback rides. Their horses are known for being gentle and sure-footed, and they offer private and group rides, all of which take guests on scenic tours through the backcountry. You'll ride through quaking aspens and past alpine lakes and you might even spot some wildlife. Kids must be at least 5 years old to go on a horseback ride, but they do have parent-led pony rides for the younger kiddos. Whether you spend your time at Vail Stables among the goats or on horseback, the best way to end it is with a refreshing happy hour beverage at their Crooked Cow Saloon.