Beaver Creek Village Experience

On any given day in Beaver Creek Village there are dozens of ways to fill your day. And, often, even when you decide which category of activity you're in for – whether it's an outdoor adventure, shopping and strolling through art galleries or relaxing at a spa – deciding where exactly to go and what to see can feel overwhelming, especially when you're trying to make the most of your precious vacation days. Enter Beaver Creek Village Experience, a team of local entrepreneurs, business owners and restaurateurs whose number one goal is to help guests maximize their time in Beaver Creek. By partnering with Beaver Creek Resort Company and other local associations and organizations, Beaver Creek Village Experience provides guests with comprehensive information about what to see, eat and do in Beaver Creek (keep an eye out for their guide to it all, Beaver Creek Village Experience). Beaver Creek Village Experience also helps produce events and activities in Beaver Creek Village throughout the year.