Down Valley Summer Activities

Secret’s out: Summer lasts a lot longer in the Down Valley towns of Eagle, Wolcott and Gypsum. The days are long and bright, the nights are star filled and it's the perfect temperature for an adventure. There are all sorts of sports adventures to be had, but Down Valley summer activities go beyond being athletic. There is a mushroom festival to find tasty morels, weekly outdoor concerts, an occasional play in the park, rodeo shenanigans and even, come fall, the cemetery tour — a semi-spooky night filled with folk lore and stories for a local nonprofit.

Alright, so we’re cultured … but we’re also mighty athletic. Seems like people in Eagle and Gypsum can’t sit still and they just need to find one more Down Valley activity come summer. Raft or kayak down the river, visit the fair, run a trail race, tackle a mountain bike trail, play tennis or visit an outdoor pool in Eagle or Gypsum. Mountain biking might be sexy, but its low-key older sister, road biking, is plain fun in the high-altitude streets of Eagle, Wolcott or Gypsum. The county invests in bike paths, and people flock to them!

Summertime Down Valley Activities Abound

Think outside the box when you decide to find fun summertime Gypsum and Eagle activities. Try fly-fishing, a sport of concentration and finesse (and beauty) right in the river. There are several family-friendly fishing ponds that provide a nice break from other summer activities. Not catching anything? Throw rocks, see how many birds or plants you can identify or just lie on your back and pick out cloud shapes! There are plenty of kid-friendly Down Valley activities too. Check out parks with jungle gyms, bars, slides and wide open spaces where little ones can run all that energy out! They sure won't whine about having nothing to do in the Down Valley.