Down Valley Attractions

The Down Valley towns of Eagle, Gypsum and Wolcott have many attractions, some in plain sight and some way off the beaten path. Gypsum attractions include a volcano (long dormant but a fun adventure), fishing ponds for kids with nice trails winding their way along the banks, an outdoor pool, a huge reservoir for camping and hiking, the recreation center and even a shooting range. Just a bit out of town, visit the distillery for high-end, home-crafted rum. Eagle attractions, just a little bit east, include miles and miles of singletrack mountain bike and hiking trails, bike paths, parks, an outdoor pool, many parks and Sylvan Lake State Park, which feels remote but is only minutes from town. Other attractions in Eagle include fun little shops, yummy breweries and coffee houses that rival those in the city. The day will fly by as you find fun many Down Valley attractions to explore.

Head farther east and Wolcott is a tiny dot on the map but offers big adventure with its attractions. Try ziplining, hiking, biking, exploring for dinosaur fossils, horseback riding or sleigh riding, depending on the season.

Down Valley Attractions and Must-Sees

Hiking to a mountain lake should be on everyone’s to-do list. It’s easy when you set out from Eagle, Gypsum or Wolcott. The water sparkles in the sun, your legs are tired and you feel contented, relaxed and in the greatest attraction possible: the Rocky Mountains. Yes, this is what John Denver sang about. Down Valley attractions in Eagle, Gypsum or Wolcott will inspire you. At every turn you may want to take a picture. Be in the moment and absorb all the glory and beauty of the Rocky Mountains.