Down Valley Sales & Events

The good news? Down Valley stores are well-priced every day of the year. (Oh, BTW, there is no bad news.) Throughout the year Eagle stores offer bargains that are seasonally appropriate such as buy one, get one pair of boots half off … offered in the fall when you need boots and the inventory is good. Thanks! Gypsum and Eagle shops offer sales all year round. Stroll through town and peruse the racks that have cute clothes and even cuter prices. The towns also have several secondhand stores, which means you can snatch up name brands at killer prices. Beyond clothing stores, visit secondhand home stores for house wares, furnishings and more. The prices are great, and the furniture is up-to-date, clean and home ready. Occasionally, the stores have blow out sales. You have to be ready at a moment’s notice and get in while the getting is good. It may be significant savings on anything from a sofa to a pair of jeans, jewelry to boot, tires to a bike. That’s the beauty of hitting up an Eagle or Gypsum store — you just never know what will you find or if it will be on sale.

Sales in Down Valley Shops

By now you may have noticed that life in Eagle County is very laid back. Jeans and a cute top work in most every situation. However, on occasion, you just may want to dress up a bit. Stop in at few stores to find a cocktail dress with pockets or a sweater that is drop-dead gorgeous. Better yet? These items may be on a serious sale. Who doesn’t fall for a discount? Sales in many Gypsum Eagle stores are fast-moving in that the merchandise seems to fly off the shelves. If you see something you love today and it’s on special, grab it! Customers make a note to drive down to Eagle or Gypsum every time they visit because the shopping, and the shopping deals, are just that good!

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