Down Valley Shopping

Shopping in the Down Valley is a different experience than in the more uptown, swanky-ish ski resorts. Eagle is such a fun, quaint, real little town, and Eagle shopping reflects just that. You can find just about everything you need in one of Eagle’s many shops, from hunting and fishing gear to cute skinny jeans, window treatments, lighting and toys to running shoes and snazzy heels. In other words, just because the town is small doesn’t mean the offerings are limited. Instead of big box stores, you’ll find stores in Gypsum and Eagle are as local as the owners. There are artisan crafts dispersed throughout the town whether it’s an oil on canvas, photograph, hand-knitted scarf or funky, chunky piece of jewelry.

Shoppers in Down Valley shops can’t quit exclaiming, “Isn’t it cute?!” Because the owners pride themselves on finding different wares, you’ll have a hard time deciding what to bring home. Fear not, there are still Eagle stores that have t-shirts and hats embroidered with the town name or the Colorado flag. Exploring Down Valley shops is a fun way to spend the day — go from bike store to coffee shop, homewares shop to clothing store. 

Down Valley Stores — Hidden Nooks

The towns of Eagle and Gypsum have hidden nooks peppered with fun stores packed with one-of-a-kind finds such as pot-bellied stoves, delicate bracelets, stuffed animals, sparkly wraps, high-end hand and face creams and even hand-spun yarn. The beauty of stores in Eagle and Gypsum is that the employees seem happy to see you, chat with you and give you the background on the wares. You have no idea what you need till you visit the Nearly Everything store, so named because it has nearly everything you could need from laundry detergent to prescription medicines. Make sure you make time in your vacation to visit one of these funky little Down Valley stores. You won’t want to miss out!

DJ's and Dahlias Cafe

Gypsum Shopping
150 Cooley Mesa Road, Gypsum
(970) 390-0234

Whether you're in the mood for a decadent dessert and a frothy cappuccino or a plate of street tacos and a cold beer, look no further than DJ's and Dahlias Cafe in Gypsum. This cheery, art-filled cafe also specializes in ramen bowls for lunch and has a stellar breakfast menu. Beyond all the great eats, DJ's and Dahlias is a true community gathering spot more

Whether you're in the mood for a decadent dessert and a frothy cappuccino or more