Down Valley Restaurants

Eagle, Gypsum and Wolcott

For such a small area, Eagle, Gypsum and Wolcott not only have a large number of Down Valley restaurants but a wide variety of cuisines as well. These little towns are big on taste. You simply need to decide what you’re in the mood for then find the nearby Down Valley restaurant.

Right in the main downtown area, where most Eagle restaurants are located, you can nosh on noodles, sip soup, dine on deli sandwiches, imbibe on a cocktail, laze with a latte and enjoy edamame. Let’s clarify: Within a very small distance, there are coffee shops with robust lunch menus, bars and grills, Japanese, Mexican, Italian and American fare. Eagle and Gypsum are little melting pots of Americana. Farther west on the way to Gypsum, stop by an authentic Hawaiian restaurant or visit one of several new food trucks right off of Highway 6.The Eagle Ranch area, which is only a mile from downtown Eagle, CO, has become home to hipster and down-home venues including a brewery, bar, coffee house (with toast!) and a few restaurants.

Eagle Restaurants, Gypsum Restaurants and Wolcott Restaurants

In many towns, you must leave the beaten path to find the hidden gems of a Down Valley restaurant. In Eagle, Wolcott and Gypsum, restaurants are plentiful and easy to find. Right on Highway 6, different Eagle restaurants abound. There is what’s becoming world-famous barbeque, an ice cream shop with restaurant attached (or is it the other way around? You decide!) and several authentic, spicy-as-you-like-it Mexican restaurants. Come fall, stop by for roasted chilies; in spring and summer farmer’s markets pop up right on the roadside for fresh, bountiful and Colorado-grown fruits and vegetables. Of course, you wouldn’t want to drink and drive, but nearby is a tasty brewpub with a phone on the wall for fast pizza delivery!

DJ's and Dahlias Cafe

Gypsum Restaurant
150 Cooley Mesa Road, Gypsum
(970) 390-0234

Whether you're in the mood for a decadent dessert and a frothy cappuccino or a plate of street tacos and a cold beer, look no further than DJ's and Dahlias Cafe in Gypsum. This cheery, art-filled cafe also specializes in ramen bowls for lunch and has a stellar breakfast menu. Beyond all the great eats, DJ's and Dahlias is a true community gathering spot more

Whether you're in the mood for a decadent dessert and a frothy cappuccino or more