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Lemon Skunk. Headband. Blue Dream. Dynamite Kush. If these names don’t sound familiar, there’s no judgment here. These are four strains of Vail Valley marijuana though what’s on the menu changes regularly. For many visitors to Colorado's marijuana dispensaries, legal recreational cannabis consumption will be entirely new. One key to navigating Vail Valley marijuana is that it’s not available everywhere. Though the state of Colorado passed Amendment 64 making cannabis permissible, each individual municipality has the right to make its own rules so, what may be available in one town is forbidden for sale in another. It can get confusing. Eight stores, known as marijuana dispensaries, can be found mostly along Route 6 with street addresses that include Avon marijuana, Vail marijuana or Edwards marijuana, even though the actual geography is referred to as unincorporated Eagle County.

Overall, using just a photo identification (a driver’s license or passport), adults age 21 and older can purchase recreational marijuana. Consumption is limited to private property and by permission only. It cannot be consumed in public or at ski resorts (located mainly on federal land).*

Types of Vail Valley Marijuana

Vail Valley marijuana comes in many forms. It’s likely you will be most familiar with what’s referred to as flower (the leafy plant portion that most people associate with the term pot). While popular, edibles such as infused foods, beverages, oils and pills often get a bad rap. The key to edibles is known as low and slow, meaning start with a small amount and be patient. Concentrates like hash, wax and shatter may be best used only by those already acquainted with their potency, while salves and patches are often applied to relieve discomfort. Budtenders, the professional customer service professionals who will assist you at the Colorado marijuana dispensary of your choice, are extremely knowledgeable and well-prepared to answer any questions you may have regarding Vail Valley marijuana.

Vail Valley Medical Marijuana

Colorado and Vail Valley medical marijuana is available to in-state residents only. A medical certification from another state does not grant you permission to buy it or use it here. In Colorado, Medical Marijuana Registry Identification (known as Red Cards) can only be obtained by in-state residents after a physician evaluation and for specific health conditions (cancer, glaucoma, seizures, chronic pain and others).

*NOTE: The information outlined in this website guide is not intended as a complete review of Colorado or municipal regulations concerning the purchase or consumption of marijuana or its health or safety risks. Further research is recommended.

Roots RX

Vail Valley Cannabis
40690 Highway 6, Avon
(970) 399-9333

From flower to tincture, from glass to gummies, Roots Rx is a wonderful place to find all your recreational marijuana needs. On their website, Roots Rx keeps an updated menu of what they have available, so you can prepare yourself for their endless choices. Even if you don’t have time to check before you go in, the knowledgeable and friendly staff will help more

From flower to tincture, from glass to gummies, Roots Rx is a wonderful more