Castlelvetrano Olives & Feta


Deez Bar Nuts


Alpine Sour

Alpine Sour floral & herbal liqueur, citrus, allspice.

Bohemian Stone

amaros & apricot.

Cafe con Estillo

Spanish coffee with an Englishman’s twist.

Chartreuse Toddy

herbs & citrus.

Gin & Tonic

Gin, local floral tonic.

Mulled Wine

spice & everything nice.

Passion of the Spice

Passion of the Spice mezcal, tequila, citrus, passionfruit, honey, chile ancho liqueur.

Penicillin scotch

Penicillin scotch, housemade citrus & root shrub, smoke spritz.

Roberto Burns

Mezcal, sweet vermouth, herbal liquor, molé bitter.

Smoking Bird

Mezcal, tequila, bitter liqueur, pineapple, lemon.

The Nookie

The Nookie rye, herbal liqueur, vermut.