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The Minturn Saloon is the most historic restaurant in the Vail Valley. Its restaurant serves a variety of Mexican food at good prices, along with a strong assortment of tequilas and margaritas. Outdoor seating is a summertime attraction, with views of Eagle River from the deck.

Locals and visitors have been enjoying great food and drinks at this location since 1901. The Minturn restaurant and nightlife hotspot offers patrons a historic experience complete with dark, wooden bars, old signs and western, ski-town decor.

The Minturn restaurant and bar additionally offers options for groups, including wedding festivities, corporate groups and family fun. Summer and winter weddings can be accommodated on site.

According to Minturn Saloon, Skiing Magazine once dubbed it as " ... the unofficial end of the Minturn Mile ..." for Vail back-country skiers. For that reason skis and snowboards can be seen propped up against the saloon's walls during many nights of the winter season. Learn more about the Minturn Mile by clicking here.