Maker+Stitch, Tosh Sock

Tosh Sock

Tosh Sock is super fun, soft, hand dyed, modern sock yarn! It has great stitch definition and rich, vibrant coloring. Please note, these skeins are hand dyed in smaller batches - there is no dye lot. Our skeins are from the same batch but each skein has slight variations. Please order enough to finish your project, as there is no guarantee the next order will be quite the same!

Maker+Stitch, Moonshine Chunky Yarn

Moonshine Chunky Yarn

Moonshine Chunky is Juniper Moon Farm Moonshine's heftier cousin. A chunky single-ply blend of the softest wool, alpaca, and silk, Moonshine Chunky is the perfect yarn for quick, warm sweater, scarves, hats, mittens, pillows, and blankets. Subtle color "tweediness" and lustre make this yarn really special. 

Maker+Stitch, Arranmore Yarn

Arranmore Yarn

Inspired by the breathtaking scenery of Ireland’s Northern Headlands, The Fibre Co.’s newest yarn, Arranmore (Gaelic name: Árainn Mhór), is spun in a mill that traces its roots to the homespun tweed industry of 19th century County Donegal. What makes Arranmore stand out is its use of luxury fibres including fine merino wool blended with cashmere and silk, creating an authentic tweed yarn of the finest quality.

Maker+Stitch, Felt Area Rug - Bear

Felt Area Rug - Bear

We love, love, love these felted rugs for a child's room - so sweet in a baby nursery, or add a touch of whimsy in a tween's room. Such a soft place to read or step from the bed. Give this sweet friend to your favorite little one.

Maker+Stitch, Noro Silk Garden Solo

Noro Silk Garden Solo

Noro Silk Garden is, in that famous Noro style, exquisite in it's depth of color and close to nature in it's rustic hand. The silk, mohair, wool blend gives Silk Garden a lovely luster, drape, and texture.