Hygge Life, Alabaster Stone Candleholders

Alabaster Stone Candleholders

These hand-carved alabaster stone candleholders are a cylinder shape, made of natural stone. They radiate a warm, white glow. Candleholders are made by Egyptian Artisans and designed in Denmark.
Hygge Life, Baby Booties

Baby Booties

These cute little booties are probably our all time best seller. They are handmade in Europe, come in three sizes and make the perfect hygge baby accessory.
Hygge Life, Brass Twinkle Candleholder

Brass Twinkle Candleholder

Beautiful light twinkles through the candleholder's many holes. Two sizes are available.
Hygge Life, Children's Teddy Slippers

Children's Teddy Slippers

These cozy wool slippers are soft, warm and functional. They feature rubber grips on the soles to avoid slipping.
Hygge Life, Christmas Countdown Candle

Christmas Countdown Candle

This is a Danish holiday tradition; burn this candle once each day in December until you wake up on Christmas morning.
Hygge Life, Firestarter Kit

Firestarter Kit

Inspired by Alaskan whalers from the 18th century, the Fire Starter provides a revolutionary way to light your fire without kindling or newspaper.
Hygge Life, Furry Stool Covers

Furry Stool Covers

Available in the shop only. Shapes, styles and colors vary. Perfect for your kitchen. Inquire for details!
Hygge Life, Gigante Washable Paper Bag

Gigante Washable Paper Bag

The Gigante Uashmama washable paper bag is versatile and fun. Use it for laundry, toys, blankets, pillows, your Christmas tree, or any of your organizing needs.
Hygge Life, Gray Cuff Slippers

Gray Cuff Slippers

These slippers are a must-have hygge accessory. The slippers feature an ankle cuff that can be pulled up or rolled down.
Hygge Life, Green Granite Bowl

Green Granite Bowl

These bowls are gorgeous natural, one-of-a-kind pieces. They are designed in Denmark and hand-crafted by artisans in Egypt.
Hygge Life, Hand Towels

Hand Towels

Our 100% cotton hand towels are a favorite for gifting and keeping. They absorb well, dry quickly and look beautiful hanging in the kitchen or bathroom.
Hygge Life, Hat Uma

Hat Uma

This is a cozy, hand-knitted wool hat for the wintry days. It's made by a women's Fair Trade empowerment group in Nepal.
Hygge Life, Jack - 1898

Jack - 1898

One-of-a-kind, long pair of antique antlers mounted on a wooden base. Date inscription is July 9, 1898.
Hygge Life, Kilim Blanket

Kilim Blanket

The blanket pattern is designed after traditional Turkish kilim rugs.
Hygge Life, Lambskin Rug or Blanket

Lambskin Rug or Blanket

This piece can be used as a large, soft lambskin rug or blanket; color is naturally varying shades of white.
Hygge Life, Large Icelandic Sheepskin Rug - Black

Large Icelandic Sheepskin Rug - Black

This is a stunning, large, longhair sheepskin rug with natural black coloring. It's made by European artisans by recycling and stitching smaller patches of fur together to make a large area rug.
Hygge Life, Large Washable Paper Bag - All Colors

Large Washable Paper Bag - All Colors

The Large Uashmama washable paper bag is both versatile and functional. Use it for large plants, bread, fruit and vegetables, or any of your organizing needs.
Hygge Life, Metallic Paper Bag Wine Cooler

Metallic Paper Bag Wine Cooler

The Uashmama Metallic Paper Wine Cooler is our favorite accessory for keeping our rosé, white wine or bubbles nice and chilled. Variety of colors.
Hygge Life, Palm Leaf Baskets

Palm Leaf Baskets

These flexible palm-leaf baskets are handmade by artisans in Egypt. They're perfect for holding blankets, toys and fresh produce.
Hygge Life, Paper Wine Bag

Paper Wine Bag

The Uashmama paper wine bag features leather handles. Various colors are available.
Hygge Life, Pom Pom Towel

Pom Pom Towel

Enjoy your very own Pom Pom towels made of fluffy terry cloth. It's a vibrant accessory to liven up your bathroom.
Hygge Life, Royal Copenhagen Pillar candles

Royal Copenhagen Pillar Candles

These classic, elegant pillar candles are imprinted with the Royal Copenhagen design. Pillars are available in two sizes and three colors - Red, Black and Blue. From Denmark.
Hygge Life, Speckled Towel / Scarf

Speckled Towel / Scarf

The Speckled style has been a favorite in every size. These 100% cotton Turkish towels are absorbent, dry quickly and look beautiful hanging in a bathroom.
Hygge Life, Stonewashed Blanket

Stonewashed Blanket

The intensive stone-washing process gives this blanket an extra soft texture and a perfectly worn look. Use as a living room blanket, bed accent blanket or luxurious picnic blanket.
Hygge Life, The Everyday Candle

The Everyday Candle

Enjoy simple, unscented white pillar candles hand-poured by Danish candlemakers.
Hygge Life, The Hygge Mug

The Hygge Mug

These mugs are specially designed to bring you a hyggelig coffee or tea moment. We partnered with ceramicist artist, Mortar & Stone, to create this special design.
Hygge Life, The Little Book of Hygge

The Little Book of Hygge

Enjoy "The Little Book of Hygge," by Meik Wiking. It's a must read for hygge enthusiasts!
Hygge Life, Turkish Towel - Kilim

Turkish Towel - Kilim

The Kilim towel can be used as a bath, pool or beach towel, or as a scarf! Lightweight, absorbent and machine washable. An everyday accessory for your home or travels.
Hygge Life, Turkish Towel - Rustic Weave

Turkish Towel - Rustic Weave

Lightweight, absorbent and machine washable. Use as a bath, pool or beach towel, or as a scarf.
Hygge Life, Uashmama Placemats

Uashmama Placemats

Uashmama washable paper placemats are both practical and good looking. Perfect for any dining occasion. Four colors available.
Hygge Life, Uashmama Wood Bag

Uashmama Wood Bag

The Wood Bag by Uashmama is versatile and functional. Designed for store and carry wood logs, it can be used for any of your organizing needs.
Hygge Life, Vintage Kilim Pillows

Vintage Kilim Pillows

Authentic, one of a kind pillows handmade in Turkey from vintage Kilim rugs. Not one pillow is exactly the same.
Hygge Life, White Sheepskin

White Sheepskin

Our sheepskin collection is sourced sustainably from small European tanneries and each hide is un-dyed and unique in its coloring, size and wool structure.
Hygge Life, White Sheepskin - Classic

White Sheepskin - Classic

Enjoy our natural, medium-sized, white, European sheepskins. Exact shade, size and wool texture varies per hide.
Hygge Life, Wooden Bowl

Wooden Bowl

This beautifully handcrafted wooden bowl is made from Neem wood by a Fair trade empowerment group in India. Product of Atelier Sukha, Amsterdam.
Hygge Life, Wooden Hygge Swing

Wooden Hygge Swing

Swinging isn't only for kids - give yourself the time and space to relax and swing every once in a while.