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We're excited to announce that our Hygge Life Café is open!! Whether you live in the mountains or are just passing through, we hope you'll visit us for a good coffee or tea and some hygge vibes!

Hygge Life is a Vail Valley shop focused on providing cozy and stylish home furnishings with Scandinavian flair.

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga) is the Danish art of bringing joy and coziness into life's everyday moments. Hygge resonates with everyone differently, but generally it's the feeling when life is simple and right for a moment in time.

Hygge Life was founded in 2013 by newlyweds Alexandra and Koen as a blog about the couple traveling around Europe in an old, blue camper called the Hygge Bus.

The couple moved back to Vail in 2017 after nearly four years abroad living in Amsterdam. Their Vail home-furnishings store now features a collection of European home goods inspired by the Danish concept of hygge.

According to Alex and Koen, "Hygge is the pursuance, recognition and enjoyment of the small joys in life. The things that make you sigh contentedly and feel that out of all the places in the world, all the hours of the day, all the company you could be keeping … you are in the one perfect spot."

Become inspired and shop the Hygge Life collection in its newly opened brick and mortar store conveniently located just west of Vail, Colorado, in EagleVail; or shop online.

The shop offers a free parking lot for its customers.