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Dogma Athletica is located in Edwards, Colorado. This Vail Valley fitness studio aims to assist customers in exercising and educating the body and the mind. It is a full training center with an athletic-movement-designed, cutting-edge gym. Check out a recent feature in the Vail Daily here.

Members and guests will find Colorado's largest Compu-Trainer cycling studio, diagnostic and metabolic testing equipment, a full fleet of Woodway treadmills (including a Super-Mill for gait analyses) and a top-rated yoga studio. 

What distinguishes Dogma Athletica from other Vail Valley exercise studios, however, is the quality of its trainers and coaches. Dogma offers cycling and endurance coaches, as well as elite trainers who are the best in their fields. 

Dogma Athletica translates to "a belief in the athletic process." Members and guests at Dogma can count on participating in engaging programs that enhance their lives long after the session or class is done.

What we offer

Personal Training: You will receive the ultimate one-on-one coaching experience.  Our coaches bring out the best in you whether it is for weight loss, sport specific performance or full recovery from an injury.  Our staff go through extensive in-house continuing education so you receive the most qualified coach for your goals.  You will break through any plateaus and create a new, best self.

Yoga: A regular yoga practice dramatically changes how you move and think.  It positively translates to every part of your life.  We will guide you on the path to better posture, increased mobility, stress relief and clarity of mind.

Cycling/Computrainer: You want to ride faster.  You want to ride stronger.  Cycling is a tough sport. Cycling is in our blood. Dogma is founded by a exercise physiologist and USA cycling coach. Whether you want to ride a Gran Fondo, race in the town MTB series, or want to have more fun on your bike, you will become a better cyclist from the Dogma programs.

Live It Group: You will look and feel completely different from Live It Group. In one 4-week block you will be amazed at your progress.  You will be leaner, stronger, and more flexible. Our science based approach and the supportive group culture creates results like nothing else.  Our current participants are walking proof.  If you want to live your healthiest, happiest life, let us show you how to Live It.

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