Make your Colorado vacation memorable with Bearcat's Cabin and Bearcat Stables in Edwards, Colorado. This Vail Valley staple specializes in family fun for all ages.

Bearcat Stables is located on the historic Bearden Homestead, which was originally settled in the early 1900s. The Beardens raised cattle and grew crops. Two original cabins are still located on site and can be toured. 

The humble Bearcat's Cabin is a family-style restaurant that strives to bring you that rustic and cozy feeling along with fabulous cuisine and superb wine. There is something for everyone on the menu. We also offer delicious wine for every different palate.  whether you are here to enjoy a glass or a bottle let us pair it perfectly with your meal.

Guests will discover a piece of American history while enjoying the natural beauty of Cordillera Valley. Horse-back trips are available spanning one hour to a four-day trip to Aspen. Four-day adventures (three spent overnight) travel through gorgeous Colorado backcountry. Guests stay in 10th Mountain Division huts and private guest ranches that provide the comforts of home during the excursion.

Bearcat Stables & Bearcat's Cabin are also available for weddings, private parties and sleigh-ride dinners in winter.

Come explore with Bearcat Stables and enjoy fabulous cuisine at Bearcat's Cabin.