Barrel Investment Program:

Invest in a 53 gallon whiskey barrel for $3,000 for a minimum of one year and an unrestricted maximum number of years. When we dump the barrel to bottle the whiskey, we'll return your investment along with a 8% annual return. Your barrel will be numbered and documented on a Whiskey Promissory Note. You can visit the distillery at any time to check on your barrel. The barrel will age anywhere from one to six years. Ask your tasting room rep for more information.


You Make the Call, Age Your Own Whiskey Barrel:

Purchase a 5 / 10 / 30 / 53 gallon barrel. Join us at the distillery to fill it (if you would like). Choose either Rye or Bourbon. We will age it at the distillery for however long you want. Join us anytime to taste it, sip it, share it, take pictures with it, hug it, kiss it, whatever you want to do. You make the call! When it’s been aged to your liking and you’re ready to bottle it, we’ll invite you to bottle it with us. Then we’ll send you out the door with the cases and the actual barrel! Ask your tasting room rep for a price sheet and further details.