Beaver Creek Events: Daytime

You better start your day off with a strong cup of coffee because there are tons of daytime Beaver Creek events. The mornings can start slowly – or not! Take an early morning hike or workout class to get your sweat in while everyone else slumbers. You can do the usual Beaver Creek events: ice skating, walking, hitting the parks, mini golfing and other kids’ adventure sports.

 Or plan your escape while there’s one of Beaver Creek’s renowned festivals taking place. The festivals cover most every topic and desire: wine, food, outdoors events, music, plays and performances. The list is long and varied and tons of fun.

Other Beaver Creek events that happen while the sun is shining include impromptu-feeling plays in the village, yoga practices at morning and noon, fountain fun and horseback riding. Take a ride on a lift to the top of the mountain for the full Rocky Mountain splendor. You could hike down, if your knees are up for it.

Come winter, the daytime Beaver Creek events include ski-related activities such as ski races and the accompanying revelry, amateur ski races on the mountain, culinary fests and après events.

Be a Part of Beaver Creek Events

What’s it like to be part of the Beaver Creek community, even for a week? It’s pure brilliance. There are so many different activities to keep kids, families, and even grandparents, enthralled and entertained. 

When visiting Beaver Creek or Bachelor Gulch, everyone feels they should be outside all the time. But we all need a break. Check out game rooms or stop in for an ice cream cone for a quick break in the day. Not everything is an organized Beaver Creek event. There are a few parks that keep the kids twirling, running and swirling. Enjoy a few minutes by a firepit while they swing and jump.

E.g., 07/08/2020
E.g., 07/08/2020