Avon, CO, Attractions

Including EagleVail Attractions

What comes to your mind when you think of Avon, CO, attractions? Some might consider the wide variety of restaurants, a number of beautiful upscale hotels, great shopping opportunities or the active cultural scene. And, while each of these things helps make this town appealing, they're not necessarily attractions. And, in spite of the appeal of all these places or opportunities, not one of them compares to the main Avon, CO, attraction.

If you live in or have visited Avon, then you can probably guess where we’re going with this. But just so everyone’s on the same page, we’ll spell it out: The main Avon, CO, attraction is easily the great outdoors.

People come to Avon to get away from it all, and they do so by immersing themselves in the gorgeous landscape present in Avon and throughout the Vail Valley. There outdoor adventurers and nature enthusiasts can enjoy a range of activities including skiing, snowboarding, hiking, fly fishing, mountain biking, kayaking, golfing and on and on. People come here to challenge themselves, to relax and unwind and to breathe clean air in one of the most gorgeous places on earth ... often all at the same time.  

Other Avon, CO, Attractions

And EagleVail Attractions

Even though Mother Nature is arguably the most significant (and lusted after) Avon, CO, attraction, we’d be remiss if we didn’t give other Avon attractions credit where credit is due. The town itself is certainly in that category. Visitors and local alike appreciate the walkable and appealing nature of this place. And, as seasons create their dramatic diversity, the town takes full advantage: Picture walking around with your loved ones with a gentle snow falling amidst enchanting holiday decorations. Yep, it's pretty. Another Avon, CO, attraction, at least to some, is the so-called Green Mile with its collection of cannabis distributors. If you add all this to the easy access to neighboring Vail and Beaver Creeks, it's easy to explain why Avon, CO, draws visitors all year long.