Avon, CO, Nightlife

Whenever we talk about Vail Valley nightlife, it’s important to establish some expectations right out of the gate. This might come as a shock (although it probably won’t), but the Vail Valley is not like New York City, Chicago or any other metropolis known for its late nights and vibrant after-hours scene. Instead, the Vail Valley is comprised of a series of small mountain towns that are more “sleepy” than they are “the city that never sleeps.”

Now that you’ve adjusted your expectations appropriately, here’s the good news: There’s still plenty of nighttime fun to be found in the Vail Valley, and this is especially true of Avon, CO, nightlife. Avon has a number of restaurants and bars that cater to the late-night crowd, and several spots have gained a large following among locals. Whether you’re looking to dance to live music until late at night, play trivia over a pint of locally brewed beer or simply recover from a long day of work over Happy Hour specials, you’ll find something to satisfy your itch when you explore Avon, CO, nightlife.

Other Avon, CO, Nightlife Options

Even if the nighttime bar scene isn’t your cup of tea, you can still enjoy a night out on the town here. Avon, CO, nightlife includes cultural events such live music (including in non-bar settings), nationally recognized speakers, culinary events and more. And there’s always fun to be had by exploring Avon restaurants or shops. Keep on top of any nightly prowling that might suit your fancy by checking here on a regular basis. And, if you want to see what's happening all over the Vail Valley when the sun goes down, make sure you visit (and subscribe!) our VailValleyThisWeek.com site.

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E.g., 08/05/2020