Vail Valley IV Bars Can Alleviate Altitude Sickness

By Everything Vail Valley Staff | Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Those traveling to Colorado’s high country from sea level often experience a whole host of symptoms under the altitude sickness umbrella.

According to, “Altitude sickness occurs when you cannot get enough oxygen from the air at high altitudes. This causes symptoms such as headache, loss of appetite and trouble sleeping.”

Other symptoms, says, include feeling sick to one’s stomach (possibly vomiting), feeling weak and tired, waking up during the night and feeling dizzy. Mild symptoms are common, and fitness level is not a cause. Severe symptoms need medical treatment and could result in hospitalization or death.

“The best treatment for altitude sickness is to go to a lower altitude,” WebMD says. “But if you have mild symptoms, you may be able to stay at that altitude and let your body get used to it.” Over-the-counter treatments like ibuprofen and drinking plenty of water are other treatments for mild altitude sickness.

But for quicker, more effective treatments of altitude sickness, many people in Colorado are turning to IV bars, which offer intravenous nutrient therapy for a variety of ailments.

IV Nutrient Treatments in Vail Valley

One Edwards, Colorado, IV nutrient therapy business, iV Bars in the Valley, specializes in providing IV treatments to locals and visitors should they be experiencing issues like mild altitude sickness and dehydration caused by drinking too much alcohol.

A specialist with iV Bars said, “Dehydration reduces your body’s ability to acclimate to new altitudes; with iV Bars, we eliminate the dehydration aspect by hydrating the individual with vitamins, minerals and amino acids.”

Visitors new to the Vail Valley and experiencing mild altitude sickness symptoms may consider an IV treatment at iV Bars in Edwards.

Remember: It’s also important to consult with a doctor or visit a local medical office to confirm altitude sickness before undergoing treatment.

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