What To Pack For Your Summer Trip To Vail

By Tyler Buscemi | Thursday, April 11, 2019

Traveling to Vail during the summer months can be tricky. You’ll most likely experience all four seasons in any given day. Depending on which type of activities you're planning, you’ll want to come prepared so you’re comfortable.

Here's what to bring with you while visiting the Vail Valley this summer. Don’t worry if you forgot to pack some of these items; we’ve also included some great places to shop.

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We hope to see you in the Vail Valley this summer!

Extra Layers & Boots

Even though it's summer, it can get cold in the high country, especially if it rains. You’ll want to pack some extra layers with you, including thermal under-layers, a rain jacket, spare socks and a hat. Remember: you can always take off layers, but you can’t add what you don’t have.

When traveling to Vail, you’ll most likely want to go on a hike or get off the beaten path to explore our wonderful scenery. Your sandals might not be the best option to get you where you want to go, however. Bring hiking boots in your suitcase to keep your feet in top shape.

Mountain Tees, located in Lionshead Village, carries a great selection of fleeces, socks, and under-layers to keep you warm and dry.

External Cell Phone Charger & Travel Backpack

A day exploring the Vail region is often spent outside without a power source; and you don’t want to miss any of the gorgeous photo opportunities the high country offers. Pack an external cell phone charger so you can stay powered up.

With a travel backpack, you can store all your belongings in a place that is easily accessible wherever you are. If you’re shopping around, you’ll have a place to keep your new items.

The Baggage Cheque, located in the Vail Village, is the perfect place to find all these travel necessities to keep you connected and organized.


Use a blanket to sit in the grass while attending an outdoor concert or for your family picnic; or, in case of an emergency, a blanket can be used for warmth or to clean up a spill.

You can find stylish, multi-functional blankets to use over and over again at Hygge Life, located in Eagle-Vail. (They're so nice, you probably won't want to use them for spills, however.)

Sunscreen, Body Lotion & Water Bottle

The sun in the high country is more intense than at lower elevations. When traveling to Vail, we recommend bringing a bottle of full-spectrum sunscreen and body lotion for extra protection against harmful UV rays. 

Staying hydrated will prevent against altitude sickness and keep your body fueled up for anything you wish to accomplish. You’ll need a water bottle to carry wherever your journey takes you.

Find sunscreen and water bottles at many shops and markets around town. When in doubt, head over to City Market in Eagle-Vail or West Vail.


Eat extra mini-meals in between your breakfast, lunch and dinner. Packing on the extra protein will help you stay fueled up and energized.

Bookworm Of Edwards, located in Edwards, has a great selection of snacks and sandwiches you can take with you on your journey.


Shades are a must while driving or participating in any outdoor activity in the mountains, especially during those sunrise and sunset hours. Don't forget your pair!

Need new sunglasses? Eye Pieces Of Vail has served the Vail community for more than 30 years and stocks a high-end product selection along with top-notch eye care. Mountain Tees in Lionshead, mentioned above, also carries sunglasses at an affordable price.

By taking the extra time to pack some of these items, you can ensure that you and your family will remain warm and prepared for any activity the high county has to offer.

Stay safe and have a great trip this summer!

About the Author Tyler Buscemi
Tyler is a Content Manager at Everything Vail Valley.