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Not your grandfather’s weed: Marijuana potency today is about 3 times stronger than it was in the 1970s

By Anonymous
By Lauren GlendenningBrought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary The legal marijuana in Colorado today isn’t your grandfather’s weed. The stuff people are consuming legally today is as much as three times more potent than the marijuana people were consuming just 20 or 30 years ago. A 2015 analysis of marijuana potency... Read More

When choosing cannabis strains in Colorado, follow your nose

By Anonymous
Cannabis terpenes, organic compounds in the plant, are responsible for aromas, flavors and various cannabis effects. By Lauren GlendenningBrought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary While CBD and THC get most of the mainstream credit for the effects people experience from cannabis, those in the legal marijuana industry... Read More

Cannabis 101: Legal marijuana in Colorado doesn’t mean anything goes

By Anonymous
By Lauren GlendenningBrought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary Visitors to Colorado might have images in their minds of a cannabis free-for-all that includes public consumption and a stoned-all-the-time populace, but that couldn’t be further from the Centennial State’s truth. Since Colorado voters legalized... Read More

Evidence of CBD’s Healing Benefits Grows in Colorado

By Anonymous
Evidence of CBD's healing benefits is growing, but due to federal classification as a Schedule I drug, cannabis research in the United States lags. Brought to you by Tumbleweed Dispensary Cannabidiol has risen to instant stardom in Colorado’s legal marijuana industry thanks to relief users experience from pain,... Read More

Step Off the Beaten Path to Explore Vail's Lesser Known Locales

By Caitlin Row
Colorado's Vail Valley isn't only a resort destination for skiers and snowboarders. It's a multi-faceted region that's a mix of historic and new. That's why it's important to schedule some exploration by foot and car during during your next mountain vacation. Explore Minturn  Minturn is a tiny, turn-of-the-century... Read More