Annual Vail Events

The nature of a place like Vail Valley, that has been amply blessed with natural beauty and augmented by human creativity, is that people want to be here. And they want to be here when the winter snows are falling, when the summer sun is calling, when the aspens are changing color and when the meadows are full of spring flowers. So, this place is a natural milieu for annual Vail events to sprout up. Every month of the year, visitors and locals can join in annual Vail events festivals that celebrate music, art, holidays, rodeos, kids and nature. If food's your thing, you can turn up the flavor almost any month of the year with BBQ, chili cookoffs, restaurant weeks and more. There's even a chocolate chip cookie competition! Hey, who do you have to know to judge that one?! There are annual events that focus on cars, on films, on snow and everything you can do on it or with it, on helping to clean up the environment, on dogs catching discs, on wine, beer and spirits and…and…and…. Yep, honestly something for everyone, every taste, every sensibility.

Sporty Vail Annual Events

And then there are the Vail annual events that have to do with sports – tons of them (what else would you expect from the healthy folks who live and play here?). Head out to watch or participate in whitewater races, lacrosse shootouts, trail running series, triathlons, TransRockies runs, GoPro mountain games, U.S. Open tennis matches, bocce ball competitions and so much more. Phew, you kinda need to pump up your stamina just to keep up with all the sporting Vail annual events!

GoPro Mountain Games

Vail Valley Annual Event
Venues in Vail and on Vail Mountain, Vail
(970) 777-2015

Vail's GoPro Mountain Games is the ultimate early-summer season event for athletes, adventurers and those who love mountain culture. Usually occurring in early June, GoPro Mountain Games kick off Vail's warm-weather season. Opportunities abound for athletes to enter races at competitive or recreational levels in sports that vary from fly-fishing to climbing. Road cycling, mountain biking and trail running races are also a part of... read more

Vail's GoPro Mountain Games is the ultimate early-summer season event for athletes, adventurers and those... read more