Vail Valley Adventure Sports

Adventure is what we do best here in the Vail Valley, and adventure sports are what make Vail, Colorado, and its surroundings a prime year-round destination for those who want to come play — and stay — in Colorado’s Rocky Mountains. While we might not all define adventure in the same terms, adventure sports have some common elements. They’re exciting and often off the beaten path. Vail adventure sports involve thrilling unknowns or maybe even uncertain outcomes, but they also offer great rewards.

Adventure sports popular in the Vail Valley, such as ice climbing and backcountry skiing, require advanced knowledge, skill and fitness. They also necessitate a deep understanding of weather patterns, terrain and associated risk. Because those who participate in adventure sports might open themselves up to higher levels of danger and risk than those participating in the same sports at a recreational level, it’s important to gain experience over time and to participate at a level that matches the ability of each person in a group.

Hiring an Expert Adventure Sports Guide

Hiring an expert guide is often a good choice when Vail adventure sports are involved. And some adventure sports, such as tandem paragliding, simply can’t be done without a guide or without the proper gear. Local guides are ready to share the knowledge that comes only with experience, and they’re equipped with the skills that can help make a mountain adventure positively memorable for years to come.

Adventure often comes with trying something new, so get inspired by the many opportunities for adventure sports here in the Vail Valley — and then get outside to ride or fly or jump right in!

Vail Valley Adventure Sports by Location or Category