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Not everyone gets to live inside a fairytale snow globe in the winter, but the folks in Vail Valley do. And, if summer could be thusly depicted, too, it would be just as enchanting in this part of Colorado. People flock to Vail Valley for the beauty that surrounds them every season. In winter, with the average annual snowfall being close to 20 feet (though, in 2016 it was closer to 25 feet!), the scenic backdrop is constantly renewed with glittering white. Spring and summer bring mountain wild flowers. Autumn is painted with the changing green/gold/red leaves of aspen, birch and maple trees. It seems the beauty never fades, it just changes form.

What draws locals to stay and visitors to come and play changes form as well, but by all accounts it's the snow sports that are the biggest raison d'etre. Vail Valley's things to do in the snow take the form of everything you can imagine: skiing, snowboarding, fat biking, cross-country, sledding, sleighing, tubing, skating, snow shoeing ... you get the picture, right? It's nonstop action if you so desire, and this site can give you every detail you need to be a part of the cold-weather fun. Our daily Vail Valley Snow Reports give you all the info you need to stay safe and find the action, and the Winter Activities and Ski Resorts help you plan your time on the snow.

Vail Valley at your Fingertips

Making the most of your time is easy to do when you have the most up-to-date guide to the area right at your fingertips. First things first, for most visitors is where to stay, and our Vail Valley Place to Stay and Vacation Rentals sections give you all the options. You can also hunt for great deals at VailValleyThisWeek.com's Accommodations and Vacation Offers. Looking for something to do when the sun goes down? You'll know what the locals know when you check out VailValleyThisWeek.com Nightlife, Happy Hours and restaurants Great Plates. If you prefer your fun while the sun shines, the site's Daytime and Things to Do sections point you in the right directions. And, since most people want to do some retailing while they're here, you can plan your attack with VailValleyThisWeek.com Must Haves and Shopping Sales. Then, click on over to the Coupons section to save some cash!

Life in Vail Valley means activity right outside your door, incredible dining opportunities, events that intrigue and entertain and the glory of Mother Nature always inspiring you. Visit vailvalleythisweek.com and don't miss a thing.

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